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We offer different types of solar systems designed specifically for farms, plantations, and construction sites, based on number of workers and types of electrical appliances usage.

Agriculture Off-Grid Solar Power System

We specialize in providing high-quality off-grid solar system installation services in agriculture or rural areas. Our team is dedicated to delivering top-notch workmanship and are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction

Estate Offices

Off-grid solar system able to provide power to a range of electrical appliances in estate offices such as lighting, computers, printers, fans, weighbridge, air conditioning units, and other electrical devices commonly used in offices.

Plantation Worker Quarter

By generating their own electricity, estate worker house can become more energy independent and reduce their reliance on generator and fossil fuels that are costly in the long term.

Solar Water Pump System

Solar water pump systems convert solar energy to power a water pump for your farm in areas where access to electricity is limited or unreliable. These systems can help improve agricultural productivity and support sustainable development in rural areas.

Farm Irrigation

Solar water pump systems can be used for irrigation in agricultural areas to move water from a nearby source, such as a well or a pond, to their crops, ensuring that they receive the water they need to grow.

Solar Submersible Pump

Essentially, solar-powered water pumps work by converting the sun's rays (photons) to electricity that will operate the water pump. It uses solar panels to collect the photons (units of light) from sunlight, producing the direct current (DC) that provides the energy for the motor to pump water out from well or ponds.

Solar CCTV System

Solar-powered CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) acts as surveillance system that uses solar energy to power the cameras, recorders to ensure public safety, protecting property and assets, and monitoring illegal activities.

Remotely Access Video Stream

Solar-powered CCTV systems with 4G/WiFi connectivity provide even more flexibility and remote access to the video footage from anywhere.

Record Emergency and Increase Security

Solar CCTV systems can record valuable evidence in the event of a accidents or illegal activities. It helps to increase security by providing surveillance and monitoring potential threats in real-time.

Solar Street Light

Solar street lights are lighting systems that are powered by solar energy, and are designed to illuminate outdoor areas such as streets, parking lots, and pathways. They are more cost-effective than traditional street lights in the long term.

Cost Effectiveness

Solar street lights can be a cost-effective solution in the long run, as they do not require electricity from the grid and do not incur energy bills.

Low Maintenance & Easy Installation & Energy Efficient

Solar street lights are low-maintenance, durable, and easy to install outdoors. They use a photo cell system to turn on at night and off during the day, making them energy-efficient and hassle-free.

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